Earnings Are Mixed for the New Year

Harris Roen, Editor
Roen Financial Report
January 14, 2013

There have been six earnings reports released so far in 2013 for alternative energy stocks, all small or microcap companies. There were no blowouts, but also no superstars – most were within analyst expectation or somewhat below. For free company reports, click on Acuity Brands or AZZ, Inc.

DayStar Technologies Inc. (DSTI)
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1/7/2013 Revenues remain elusive for this thin cell PV producer. EPS dropped about 10%, and gross losses doubled. The stock is down 35% for the year, but has bounced up 20% for the quarter. SEC Filing
Acuity Brands, Inc. (AYI)
1/8/2013 Revenues for Acuity Brands are flat for the year, but down for the quarter, as are profits. EPS remains razor thin but is up slightly. Still the stock has dropped 4% for the week, since actual earnings came in about 15% below street estimates. The stock is considered at fair value by the Roen Financial Report. Press release
Mistras Group, Inc. (MG)
1/8/2013 A positive earnings report showed a 21% increase in revenue and a doubling of net income for the quarter. Mistras Group also raised the low end of its range of earnings expectations for FY 2013. The report is in line with analyst estimates, but the stock price has remained flat. Reuters Article
Schnitzer Steel Industries (SCHN)
1/8/2013 EPS turned slightly negative for this salvage company on dropping revenue, down 22% from the previous quarter. The stock gave up about 8% for the week on the news. Press release
AZZ Inc. (AZZ)
1/9/2013 Revenues were basically flat for the quarter, but up 28% from the same quarter last year. Similarly, EPS were down slightly quarter, but up over 50% year over year. Earnings were in line with analysts expectations, and AZZ has slightly raised guidance for 2013. The stock price has been stair-stepping up nicely, with a gain of 70% for the year. Press Release
SemiLEDs Corporation (LEDS)
1/14/2013 Revenues picked up for this Taiwanese LED company, gaining 14% for the quarter. Revenues for the year, however, are still down 8%. EPS remains negative, missing analyst estimates by about 25%. The companies stock price continues to fall, down 52% for the quarter and 77% for the year. Press release



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