Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year

Wishing you the best of holidays and a peaceful and prosperous new year from all of us at the Roen Financial Report.

When thinking of others less fortunate than ourselves, please consider giving to charities like World Neighbors.

One of the best development organizations I have found is World Neighbors, a non-profit committed to finding lasting solutions to hunger, poverty and disease.

This global non-profit takes a long-term view, investing in people through education and training.

When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the 1980s, I witnessed many development organizations firsthand, and believe me, some are more effective than others.

World Neighbors is the real deal—they know the techniques that actually improve people’s lives, and have the expertise and discipline to implement them.

Please check them out at, or call (800) 242-6387. Whichever charity you choose, please give generously this holiday season.


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