Alternative Energy Industry Returns

All six industries in the alternative energy stock sector are up by double digits for the year. Fuel alternative stocks specifically are showing outsized annual gains due to one stock, Plug Power Inc. (PLUG). This fuel cell company has soared since December 2013 on news of growing orders and a stock offering. PLUG is up in the quadruple-digits for the year, even though it has fallen by more than half from its highs in March 2014.

Overall, the number of alternative energy companies showing gains beat the number showing losses better than 4:1. Two-thirds of stocks are up double digits or better, and 18 companies are up in frothy triple-digit territory.

Green Yield Investing Special Report

Do you want to generate meaningful income from alternative energy stocks and bonds while supporting the growth of clean energy? The Roen Financial Report has released a new report Green Yield Investing: Generating dividends from clean energy stocks and bonds. This report offers valuable guidance on adding steady income through clean energy stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

This timely and informative report will teach you how green dividend yield investing can be a more stable way to invest in alternative energy – a market that has, in many ways, been very volatile and speculative. Learn about three distinct types of emerging income investment opportunities: the “YieldCo”, Financing Companies, and Clean Energy Bonds.

Green Yield Investing also describes how investors can benefit from the Roen Financial Report Green Dividend Yield Portfolio. This select group of high-yield alternative energy stocks fall in the “sweet-spot” of dividend yield between 3.5% and 7.0%. Alternative energy companies in the Green Dividend Yield Portfolio are evaluated on many criteria important in determining the quality of dividend yield that a company produces.

Whether you are thinking about augmenting your existing dividend yield portfolio, or want to add income investments as part of your savings strategy, Green Yield Investing can help you reach your goals. Download your free copy today!

Your Comprehensive Source for Alternative Energy Investing

The Roen Financial Report website provides you with valuable information on alternative energy companies leading the paradigm shift away from foreign oil and polluting coal. Our website delivers timely, specific company information to help you make the right investment decision. We track nearly 250 publicly traded alternative energy companies in energy efficiency, environmental services, fuel alternatives, smart grid, solar and wind, ranking the best investment prospects in each category. Also, the Roen Financial Report evaluates alternative energy mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) so that you, the investor, can easily judge the top funds that fit your investment strategy. Sign up for FREE email updates to stay on top of important developments in this dynamic investment sector.

Types of Alternative Energy Companies

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The focus of the Roen Financial Report is to pick the best managed companies that are in the right technologies being deployed for a clean energy future. Stocks are placed into six different alternative energy industries: energy efficiency, environmental, fuel alternatives, smart grid, solar and wind. Many companies fit into more than one of these categories, as their operations cover several different job areas. To read about these energy types or service, click on one of the icons above.

In addition to organizing alternative energy stocks by industry, the Roen Financial Report assign companies to one of three major groups or types: Large Cap Legacy, Small Cap Appreciation, and Green Investment Pure Play. To read more about these investment groups, or to learn about other aspects of the Roen Financial Report, please explore our about pages.


Roen Financial Report Website User Guide

RFR User Guide
We want to be sure you know how to get the most out of the Roen Financial Report investment website. In order to more effectively use our service, a user guide has been created that covers important areas of our alternative energy investment service. The goal is to give users a guide to make better investment decisions in the alternative energy sector.

Topics covered include:Company Profiles; Classifying Alternative Energy Companies; Subscriber Only Areas; Articles; and How Investments are Picked. You will also find a timetable that lists when features, data sets and reports are scheduled for updates.

We hope that you fund this free user guide helpful and profitable.

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